Gender Equality Analysis

Compare and assess pay levels for women and men within your organisation.


Mercer´s Gender Equality Analysis reports provide an overview of your compensation practice by gender and position class. This analysis will help you assess the difference in pay levels of individuals doing equal or similar work in your organisation.



Talent All Access Portal (TAAP) Mercer

Worldwide Benefit & Employment Guidelines (WBEG)

Stay ahead of evolving regulations, benefits, and employment conditions all over the world.

Benefit provisions are often driven by the statutory requirements imposed by government entities. Understand the context of mandated benefits, how they are supplemented, as well as legislative updates and trends for each benefit.


Total Remuneration Survey

The world's largest and most comprehensive remuneration resource that surveys 300,000 jobs in 35,000+ participating organizations located 140+ countries across the globe.


The Mercer Total Remuneration Surveys (TRS) provide comprehensive market d ata on compensation and benefits around the globe. This gives you a complete picture – from base pay to total remuneration and benefits – at your fingertips..

all-in-one pay structure toolkit



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