What Is Pension De-Risking And Why Is It Important?

Corporates face increasing pressure on their pension liabilities for a variety of reasons. Baby boomers going into retirement, a continued increase in longevity, an overdue pension reform, new regulation and structural changes are just some examples for issues that significantly increase pension risk. To efficiently deal with these current and future challenges, a sustainable de-risking strategy is necessary.


There is a broad set of options available to achieve this. Download our new flyer now to get a quick overview of the most important issues today and how Mercer can help you mitigate them through a sustainable, efficient de-risking approach.

Roadmap to de-risking

Feasibility study

In a feasibility study Mercer provides you with a complete snapshot of possible solutions to find a sustainable solution for your employees and your pension fund. This serves as a good discussion basis for the Foundation board and the corporation to assess the best viable way forward for your pension fund.

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