Darwin™ - the market leading digital benefits platform

Darwin™ is the market-leading global online platform that helps employers efficiently manage benefits and improve employee retention. With Darwin™, you give your employees both an overview and the freedom to choose the flexible benefits that suit them - specifically tailored to the Swiss benefits landscape. In addition, our platform enables you to manage the costs and risks associated with your benefits more easily. Everything on one platform, online, from any device, anywhere in the world!

Bring your benefits to life


Make your benefits intuitive and make them accessible to your employees in a whole new way - with the cloud-based benefits portal Darwin™, a fully integrated "single source of truth" solution for managing and communicating total compensation. Darwin™ provides interfaces to your HR IT system, payroll and external benefits providers. The automated data exchange between the systems reduces the administration effort for the benefits to a minimum.

Show what you offer your employees

Show your employees what their total compensation consists of. This allows your employees to see what you invest in their wellbeing, brings your Employee Value Proposition (EVP) to life and underlines what it means to work for your company. Your employees have round-the-clock visibility into their individual package, wherever they are and from whatever device.

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Make your benefits flexible


Every person is different, has different desires and a different plan for life. Today, the needs and ideas of employees are more diverse than ever before. Thanks to Darwin™, your employees can put together their own benefit package to suit their needs and expectations. As with online shopping, they can access the portal from a wide range of devices, whether at work or at home, and call up, compare and select benefits intuitively and in a user-friendly manner.

What benefits does Darwin™ bring to the employer?


Seamless HRIS integration


Darwin™ can be seamlessly integrated into your existing HR system landscape by connecting your existing HR information systems with external providers such as Payroll or external insurance companies. All employee data on Darwin™ comes from the data feed within your HR system, ensuring that it remains the "single source of truth" for your HR data.

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Efficiency and Control


Benefit management is notoriously complex, resource-intensive, and relies on multiple systems and extensive manual data processing. Darwin™ enables you to digitize, automate and optimize your processes. This saves both resources and money while minimizing risks and allows you and your team to focus on value-adding strategic HR work.


Powerful reporting functions


Do you want to know what you spend on your benefits and what choices your employees make? Reporting features allow you to easily create dashboards that contain all the key management information. This gives you a detailed and complete view of costs and shows which benefits your employees value most.

How do your employees benefit?

One-stop shop for all benefits


If you can no longer see the forest for all the benefits and the systems needed to manage them (e.g. for pension funds, corporate benefits, etc.), you are giving away valuable potential. Darwin™ brings together all insured and uninsured benefits in a central portal, where employees can call up, compare and select their benefits intuitively and in a user-friendly manner, just like when shopping online. In addition, the complex topic of pension funds can also be integrated into Darwin™.


Integrated knowledge database


Make your benefits simple. With the integrated knowledge database, your employees can find all important information on the available benefits (pension fund, insured benefits, fringe benefits, etc.) in Darwin™. This allows your employees to become active themselves, reduces their dependency on the HR team and minimizes questions and queries.

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Comprehensive wellbeing platform


The wellbeing of employees is important for every company, regardless of its size. Because healthier and happier employees can lead to higher productivity. With our comprehensive Wellbeing Platform, your employees benefit from selected products and solutions that support them in their financial, mental, physical and social wellbeing (available at exclusive Mercer conditions).

Mercer & Darwin™ has more to offer than just an online platform


With our digital approach, you can enhance the flexibility and attractiveness of your benefits and increase employee satisfaction and commitment, while at the same time ensuring maximum cost and resource savings. Using personas, we identify employee groups based on selected categories, prioritize critical groups and conduct preference analyses. We support you in the development of an optimal benefits strategy, including design and implementation using Darwin™ and targeted employee communication. In this way, you ensure that the benefits experience also fits in with your overall HR strategy and employer branding.

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