Mercer Quality Mark

Operational Excellence

We offer only highly rated strategies that are carefully vetted by our Manager Research and Operational Risk Assessment team.  Peace of mind for investors is also provided through our streamlined approach to transitions and implementation.

What is the Mercer Quality Mark?

To be considered for Mercer Investment Exchange™, every manager and investment strategy must earn the Mercer Quality Mark. This means that they must pass a rigorous operational risk assessment (ORA), and be highly rated funds.

For Swiss institutional investors only. Mercer Investment Exchange™ offers investors efficient access to leading asset managers at low cost, so they can execute their investment decisions effectively and realize cost synergies — all with the peace of mind provided by the Mercer Quality Mark.

Managers must pass a rigorous operational risk assessment, and be A or B+ rated.

How do we streamline implementation?

With Mercer Investment Exchange™ our clients retain control of their investment decisions – they pick their preferred investment managers and then they use our Exchange to ensure their decisions are implemented. 

Through the Exchange, we remove complexity, drive efficiencies and streamline the implementation process by:

  • Carrying out an Operational Risk Assessment on all of our managers
  • Negotiating fees and using our global buying power to secure low cost
  • Handling transitions for fast execution
  • And appointing managers in a simple and consistent legal framework

This allows investors to focus on important decisions such as their investment strategy and avoid the detail of manager appointments which can be hugely time-consuming.

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