Amidst these unprecedented times, employee wellbeing has become more important than ever

Why is wellbeing so important right now?

In the current market situation, being aware of the newest trends in the field of wellbeing and its benefits can be a competitive advantage in order to attract and retain talent. Furthermore, new types of working models are emerging and urge employers to think about novel ways to support employees in the home office context while certain on-site benefits start to get redundant. Besides that, showing genuine care for people’s overall state of wellbeing can naturally lead to a healthier, happier and more productive workforce.

How does this survey add value?

This questionnaire aims to uncover the overall actions Swiss employers are taking within corporate structures around wellbeing. More specifically, our survey report provides you with insightful market data in regards to questions like:

How many companies have a wellbeing strategy in place and what is their objective?

Which specific financial, physical, mental and social wellbeing benefits are employers currently offering to their workforce?

What are company’s biggest employee wellbeing concerns?

How can I get access to the market data?

Participating companies will receive a free of charge executive summary after the participation window has expired. In addition, you can get access to the full report by choosing between two options:


  • Market insight report: Broad statistics in form of a standard report including the aggregated results from all participants.
  • Client-focused report: Broad statistics delivered with a focus on the client’s position in the market versus the benchmark.

Note: The market insight report is also available for non-participants of our wellbeing survey.

Wellbeing Survey FAQ

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