Around the globe, inflation is outpacing salary increases. With prices rising, especially in important sectors such as housing, energy and transport, more and more companies are wondering: Should we step in and support our employees with higher or additional salary increases? And what could potential impacts on the employee experience look like?

At a glance: Top considerations for companies

In our one pager, we highlight the current challenges companies face in light of high inflation, and share some potential actions that could be taken. Download the PDF by clicking on the picture on the right or follow this link.



Webinar recording: Inflation and the employee experience

In our recent webinar, we discussed the challenges of inflation and how those – specifically rising costs and the pressures on total rewards – can influence and impact the employee experience. You can watch the webinar recording on the left, and download the presentation slides by following this link.

Article: Rising Inflation and options for companies

In addition to our short one pager mentioned above, our experts have written an in-depth article on the challenges of rising inflation and what companies can do in response when looking at total rewards. The article was published in German online Comp & Ben magazine, the translated version is provided by us. Just follow this link.

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