Get insights on best and next practices for career management and underlying competency and skill models. This study reveals how leading organizations build and manage their competencies, link competencies to their job architecture, and how competencies are applied in HR and business processes. 

Do you know what talent you have on board? And where in your organization these people are currently located? What would it take to re- or upskill your workforce to fulfill business critical tasks in new job areas? 


The transformation of the workforce seems inevitable and consequently the need to know exactly which skills are available and where in the organization potential capability gaps have to be filled is at its highest.


With a fast changing talent landscape, increasing expectations of employees regarding career opportunities, and manifold options to use digital tools and technology, the need for new approaches to career and job architecture management becomes more apparent. 

The results show that more than 70% of organizations want to increase their career management maturity level to leverage efficiency in HR and business processes


assume > 20% efficiency improvement in relevant HR/ business processes by implementing a mature career management


already build on well defined job architectures and link them with their competency models as part of their integrated career framework



Explore how career management is currently practiced in the market and what practitioners and experts think next practice will be for the design, application, and implementation of career frameworks. Senior HR experts at leading organizations of all industries, university professors, and senior subject matter experts at Mercer provided quantitative and qualitative insights on career management and competency management drawing from latest experience, research and international client projects.

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