The Swiss pension system is a great achievement and has, for the most part, stood the test of time. But parts of it have become a bit worn with age. Especially in the second pillar, a number of external and internal factors, such as the difficult market environment, the demographic development, investment inefficiencies and cross-financing from actives to pensioners, have driven down the expected future pension benefits quite significantly over the last years. Not surprisingly, the Swiss system only ranks 11h in the 2021 Mercer CFA Institute Global Pension Index. In 2015, Switzerland still ranked 4th. If the pension reform deadlock continues, Switzerland is likely to lose further ranks.


A Swiss pension fund might argue that many of these issues are beyond their control. However, when looking at the investment side, they can make a real difference. In our paper, we explore ways in which Swiss pension funds can optimise their investment outcomes.



Investment Solutions could give you a Governance Advantage


“A governance advantage enables our clients to access timely information, respond quickly and make effective decisions. This helps them to manage risk and capture emerging opportunities. Good governance underpins everything we do as an investment partner.”

Mick Dempsey, Global Head of Investment Solutions & OCIO services.



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