Report on Swiss Pension Reform ‘2020’ – Your impacts and challenges


The Swiss Federal Assembly formally adopted the Pension Reform ‘2020’ earlier this year. The two parliamentary chambers agreed that the ‘status quo’ is no longer an option and spoke out in favor of new legislation described as “the most important project of the legislative period”.

The Pension Reform ‘2020’ shall be submitted to a popular vote on September 24th, 2017. Depending on its outcome, the new legislation may have great impact on companies: Employees with lower salaries or working part time will have to pay higher contributions. Also the costs associated with pensions will rise and there might be transitional provisions to be paid.

However, as the pension plans differ from company to company, the implications of the pension reform thus do not affect every company in the same way. How can Mercer help you to determine the right strategy and measures for your specific company?

In order for you to have a clear picture about the challenges ahead and how you can react, we have created an extensive report on the pension reform ‘2020’. It focuses on the following topics and shows you:

  • Detailed overview and in-depth explanation of the expected legal changes
  • Determine the possible impact of the reform on your company and your specific measures
    • Analysis of your specific cost implications on 1st pillar contributions
    • Analysis of your pension plan: Will it still be legally compliant with the pension reform or would it have to be adjusted?
  • Proposal of plan adjustment and analysis of its estimated costs for employer and employees

The full price of the report (40 pages) is between CHF 7’500 - 10’000 depending on the complexity and legal compliance of the pension plan with the pension reform ‘2020’. The price also includes a 2 hour conference call with your responsible Mercer consultant who will go through the report together with you and answer any questions you might have.

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