Pension Reform ‚2020‘
What are the Challenges and How Can You React?

With the Pension Reform ‘2020’, companies, pension funds and their members are presented with a number of new regulations and challenges that need to be addressed quickly. To give you an overview, we have summarized the main aspects of the reform and the actions that you need to take below.


What should you do next?

Your consultant may support you in determining to what extend your pension fund is affected and what measures you should take, for example:

  • Pension fund rules
    • Reduction of conversion rate
    • Reduction and flexibility of coordination offset
    • Retirement age
  • Increase in savings contributions
  • Contributions for conversion rate and transitional generation
  • New asset/liability strategy
  • Impact on pension accounting for the company (IAS19 / US GAAP)
  • Fees for supervisory authorities
  • IT, Administration
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