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Are you unhappy with your payroll provider? Maybe because salary deductions are often not correct? Because time and time again, there are discussions around the deductions for the pension fund? Because your employees don’t understand their pay slips anymore and are confused? Or because all of that leads to a lot of additional work for you?

We have the solution for you! As an insurance broker that also offers payroll services, we have the necessary pension knowledge and are able to offer you real payroll relief. Why you will save time, nerves and money when choosing Mercer as your partner we will show you on this website.

Interview: The devil is in the details
Why payroll is such a challenge for companies and how you will be able to meet them explains Reto Ebnöther, Head of Employee Health & Benefits at Mercer Switzerland, in this interview.  

Performance specification: Mercer – Your Reliable Payroll Partner
On this website we have clearly summarized which payroll services Mercer offers.
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