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In a company, payroll is the sum of all financial records of salaries for an employee (wages, bonuses and deductions). In accounting, payroll refers to the amount paid to employees for services they provided during a certain period of time. Proper payroll management plays a major role. However, the collection, management and documentation of various data is very complex and should be done by an experienced expert to avoid mistakes.

The Mercer Payroll services  

Mercer offers all relevant services for the optimal management of your payroll. After you’ve sent the relevant input (gross salaries, bonuses and expenses, new joiners and leavers, changes of personal data), we calculate and create the monthly pay-slip for each employee. Common deductions (social security, tax at source, etc.) as well as the complex deductions of the occupational benefits scheme are included automatically. Furthermore we prepare the standard payment file for your financial institute, monthly reports for statutory insurances as well as an interface file for your General Ledger. For your HR department we provide reports for communication with Swiss cantons (tax at source) and your employees will receive an annual salary certificate.

Our services – clearly arranged for you:

On a monthly basis

  • Management of new and leaving employees (data provided)
  • Adjustments like salary increases, bonus payments, cash advances, etc.
  • Source taxes calculation
  • Salary pay-slip to client for approval
  • Apply salary deductions for social security, pension plan and other insurances
  • Preparations for payment of monthly salary
  • Preparations for payment of 13th once or twice a year (pro rata in case of withdrawal)
  • Preparations for payments of ICP (incentive plans)
  • Payment files to client for check before proceed
  • Transferal of bank file to enable monthly bank payment
  • Sending of salary slips to employee’s home address or employer

Monthly financial reporting package

  • Voucher-balance (split up per cost center)
  • Monthly or quarterly source tax reporting (according to canton)
  • List of garnishment of wages

On a yearly basis

  • Salary certificates (taxes)
  • Insurance declarations (mandatory accident, complementary accident & daily indemnity insurance contracts)
  • Gross salary declarations, for family allocation
  • Source tax reconciliation and declarations
  • Source taxes "Attestation de quittance" for canton Geneva
  • AVS declarations
  • AVS reports requested by each canton, i.e. Geneva, Vaud, Zürich
  • List for salary review (incl. pension plan contributions)

Services if necessary (free of charge)

  • Formula changes for AVS/AC/APG/LAA/LAAC or pension plan
  • Transfer of an employee from one existing cost center to another existing cost center
  • Any modifications to the payroll system due to legal changes (social security, tax, etc.)


Our services are restricted to Switzerland and Swiss legislation is applicable.
We standardly calculate only in Swiss Francs and address payments only to bank accounts in Switzerland.

The Mercer payroll team

The Mercer Payroll team consists of employees with profound knowledge in payroll administration. Our clients appreciate our flexibility and real service-orientation. Compared to other payroll providers where typically “size matters” (to use scaling effects and reduce costs), we at Mercer do not rely on fixed and given processes. Instead, we are able to respond to the exact and individual requirements of your (local) HR team. Our dedicated payroll team builds on extensive experience and a strong client focus.

We continuously enhance the range of our HR outsourcing services so we can offer you additional services in the future.

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