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The investment market is getting increasingly complex. There is a myriad of investment managers and investment strategies available both locally and globally. And with the emergence and growing importance of new investment themes, such as ESG, what is already a complex topic just gets more difficult.

First-class investment research has never been more important. The challenge: Staying on top of trends and developments in the industry, thousands of available strategies and their performance, changes and developments on the manager side, and many other variables that need to be considered when making investment decisions. The good news: We’re here to help.

A global leader in investment research

Mercer is the world’s leading provider of first rate investment research. Our more than 200 researchers in 11 countries have an average of 18 years of industry experience. Our database covers over 7'000 managers offering more than 35'000 strategies, of which almost 12'000 are rated based on our framework and depending on their prospects of outperformance.

In addition, more than 5’500 strategies have received an ESG rating according to how managers reflect ESG factors in their idea generation, portfolio construction, implementation and management of their business.


How Mercer can help you reach your goals

There are different ways to access the wealth of our research and to use it to inform your investment decisions:

  • Research tools
    For experienced institutional investors, we offer a simple yet powerful way to access all of our research in a single platform with MercerInsightTM. Search, compare and analyse strategies, generate and print factsheets, and get updates on changes and industry news through the online platform.

    In addition to MercerInsightTM, we offer clients free access to our new investment community SRC where you can find the latest research papers from Mercer and leading investment managers, all in one place.

  • Strategic advice
    Clients that need strategic guidance to achieve their investment goals can benefit from Mercer’s unique standing as a worldwide leader in investment consulting, backed by our extensive research. Our local investment experts work with more than 3’800 investment colleagues globally to provide you with strategic guidance and advice at every step along the way, from strategy setting to portfolio construction and manager selection, as well as the controlling of the effective and efficient implementation of the client’s investment strategy. The numbers speak for themselves: We successfully work with over 2’500 institutional clients globally that account for over 15 trillion in Assets under Advisement (AuA).

  • Investment delegation and OCIO*
    Extensive research is just one step in designing and ultimately implementing your investment strategy. Gaining access to the desired asset classes at the right time and at the right cost, taking informed decisions quickly, ensuring a robust governance and monitoring investment outcomes are all parts that need to work together seamlessly to maximize success. This is no easy feat, and even if you can spare the resources needed, most investors lack the necessary footprint and sheer size needed to access the best strategies and negotiate the best fees.

Mercer can help: We are a global powerhouse with over 300 billion in Assets under (Delegated) Management (AuM), and thanks to our presence around the globe and our scale, we can help you access the best strategies at better rates. At the same time, we ensure your governance and monitoring processes are in place and executed to the highest standard. Our proposition is simple: You make the strategic decision. And we help you get it done as effectively and as efficiently as possible.



*Mercer Schweiz AG offers investment advice and consulting. Investment management solutions and investment delegation are provided by Mercer Alternatives AG.


About Mercer

With more than $15 trillion assets under advice and over $300 billion assets under management, Mercer is one of the leading providers of investment advice, tools and delegation solutions globally. We combine the experience of our Swiss investment experts with the expertise of more than 3,800 investment specialists and over 200 researchers worldwide to offer you the best solutions for your challenges.

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