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The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we work. In this time of disruption and uncertainty, Mercer can help businesses meet the challenges of recovery.

Navigating Coronavirus

Protecting your people and business: A series of expert videos with insights and tips to help you respond and lead through future uncertainty.

Take part in our new live survey to share the actions you’ve taken in response to the pandemic so far — and what returning to work may look like for your company.



In a rapidly changing world, companies must redefine themselves through more sustainable practices and new ways of working.



Adapting quickly is vital. Businesses will need to tread a delicate balance between economics and employee well-being.

Recovery stages


What steps should you be taking to ensure business continuity?


What will the new world of work look like?


How will your business adapt to new ways of working?



In response to the pandemic, proactive companies will benefit by bringing change on many fronts.

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