Expanding into new markets

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More and more small and medium-sized companies are becoming global actors and, as such, also face global competition for talent. Competitive remuneration packages are essential in order to attract and retain the best talent.

A further key factor for success in tapping into new growth markets is the ability to fill key positions with qualified professionals and executives. This talent must be found locally or internationally assigned, and for this you need a clear mobility policy and balanced mobility packages.

With central structures in place and the right information at hand, you are in a strong position to expand into new markets. In the weeks ahead, we will show you what you need for a competitive remuneration package and how you can ensure the success of your international assignments. Furthermore, we will use case studies to illustrate how companies are finding new ways to approach mobility.

We start with “Expanding into new markets: The right employee reward strategy”


Expanding into new markets: The right employee reward strategy

Competitive remuneration packages are essential if you want to find and retain qualified staff. We show you which data you need at your fingertips and what else you need to consider.

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What's coming up next?  

  • Expanding into new markets: Successful employee mobility. In order to set up business in new markets, many companies depend on international assignments. Find out how to optimally tailor your mobility program and which factors are critical for success.
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