Expanding into new markets: The right employee reward strategy

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When small and medium-sized businesses expand into new markets, HR is faced with a variety of issues. Reward, for example, is a major concern. What are the appropriate levels of base salary for my employees abroad? What do I need to pay employees who transfer from company headquarters to take on key positions abroad? Which benefits and allowances need to be considered?

Answers to these and many other issues relating to remuneration and benchmark data can be found on this website.

An interview with remuneration expert Sebastian Karwautz

Why is compensation data important? What defines good benchmark data? And how can you make the most of such data?


Our solutions and products at a glance

  • We can provide you with consistent and high qualitative total remuneration data as well as benchmark market data on benefits for over 125 countries worldwide. through our Mercer Total Remuneration Surveys (TRS). These annual surveys are based on a globally-applied methodology. Consistent data from more than 25,000 companies make them one of the largest and most competitive data sources and planning resources worldwide.
  • With our Global HRMonitor, you have access to a remuneration database that enables you to calculate your expatriate compensation packages in a variety of ways. For example, it enables you to calculate salaries while accounting for inflation and exchange rates.
  • Are you looking for international remuneration reports but don’t need an analysis tool? Then simply use our Country Compensation Reports.
  • Or use our Information Consulting Services to develop pay bands or competitive market pricing ad hoc.

We advise small and medium-sized businesses and help them draw up tailor-made competitive remuneration packages for their employees, no matter where they are based. Trust in our first-class data and our intuitive IT solutions and databases, and in the competence of our global network of experts.

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