Why Equal Pay now?

Equal pay is gaining increasing attention as new regulatory developments continue to shape the global landscape and require companies to conduct self-analyses and provide disclosure on where they stand. In addition to growing legal risks, different stakeholder groups, including activist investors, peer organizations and employees, are also pressing for increased transparency. Furthermore, intense media scrutiny and effective brand management requires companies to proactively take a stance on how they compare.


Organizations that fail to take on this topic face serious reputational consequences. Therefore, companies taking a proactive approach on addressing any pay gap within a holistic view of pushing for diversity and inclusion may increase workforce productivity and company performance.


Organizations that have in place a process for Equal Pay analysis as a core part of their annual compensation review can:

  • Prepare for upcoming regulatory changes and limit legal risks; 
  • Manage reputational risk by being proactive and covering more than the minimum; 
  • Increase productivity and engagement among employees and retain talent1and 
  • Drive business growth and performance through improved gender diversity


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