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Faster and faster and on and on? The ongoing COVID crisis highlights the importance of corporate responsibility - for the ecological footprint as well as for the physical and mental well-being of employees.


Large companies in global value chains in particular are called upon to actively promote sustainability in order to leave our children a society, economy and environment worth living in. The ecological aspect is in the foreground, but what about the people? People Management puts the focus on "S" in ESG (environmental, social, governance) - as the basis for the rest


Survey report: Can HR drive sustainability?


Has the topic of people sustainability arrived at the core of HR? And if so, how is it being implemented? To investigate this question, we surveyed over 200 companies in Europe at the end of 2021. You can download the results of the study here.




Whitepaper “People Sustainability“


Research confirms a strong correlation between sustainable human resource management and long-term business performance. MIT professor Zeynep Ton, for example, shows the vicious circle of poor people sustainability: Low salaries, low job security and little predictability lead to operational inhibitions, profits decline, which in turn leads to labour cost savings and further fuels the vicious cycle. Creating good jobs, coupled with strong operational excellence, in turn creates real efficiencies and promotes competitiveness - an opportunity in business and HR transformation whose returns will be felt in the long term. 






Whitepaper “Sustainable at the core“


To create a better future for people and the planet, we need to step up the pace on sustainability. A discussion that used to be dominated by environmental and governance risks has broadened to include a strong voice for social concerns in light of what has happened since 2020.


We are at the very beginning of a journey here. Companies need to embed sustainability in their DNA, establish employee sustainability as an important part of the "S" in ESG.


Mercer experts, together with academic partners, have developed the People Sustainability Model. Based on Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, People Sustainability is defined as the employer's duty to meet the human needs and motivations of employees in the context of the employment relationship.  

Download the white paper and learn more about anchoring the people sustainability model in the corporate strategy. What are the internal and external drivers for people sustainability? How has COVID-19 accelerated its development? And how can ESG factors actually be measured in companies?


"What we call people sustainability essentially means a sustainable approach to employees. People are valued in the contribution they make to the company and the organisation takes responsibility for the physical and mental well-being of its employees." 


Kai Anderson, Mercer 





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Kai Anderson
Kai Anderson
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