The insured benefits that you offer are an important part of the employee rewards package. They are also a major cost factor. Getting the right offers to be able to provide your staff with the benefits they need at a good price is crucial, but not always easy. With demographic and legal challenges, as well as the persistent low interest environment, this exercise becomes even harder.


Typically, companies would put up a tender for their insured benefits, including factors such as cost, services needed, quality level and additional services offered. From our perspective, some additional items should be covered, but are sometimes overlooked: conversion rate, the structure of the foundation, interest rates, online tools and other technology.

Why should you consider a second opinion?


A second opinion offers you true transparency and comparability. Your consultant might…


... underestimate the cost of changing providers.

... miss coverage gaps in the benefits package.

... recommend the provider which pays the highest commission – this   can   lead to a lack of transparency and independence.

... not have invited enough providers to tender and thus cannot provide   a broad market comparison.

... not have enough expertise in the area of insured benefits.

... not consider all available alternatives to a pension fund solution.

... not consider the general impact on your P&L.

Get a second opinion on your placement report to make sure you offer the right benefits at the right price.


With our second opinion, we can help you independently evaluate your insured benefits package to ensure you are not missing out. Our service includes:


1. A review of your existing policies and benefits


2. An analysis and review of the placement report and     recommendations on your incumbent broker 


3. Provision of a second opinion on the placement report


4. Highlighting potential risks, gaps and opportunities


5. Recommendations and next steps

Example: Second Opinion provided to a

leading Swiss cosmetics company

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