1e-plans: What are your next steps?


1e-plans provide companies with the opportunity to offer their employees an attractive and modern pension solution and, at the same time, to minimize risks. Given the diversity of options for implementing a 1e-plan, and because the decision in favour of a 1e-plan amounts to a paradigm shift, a detailed analysis of the needs and the offering is highly advisable.

The main steps in implementing a 1e-solution are as follows:

1. Requirements analysis: What are the needs of your company and your employees?

2. Offer analysis: Does it make sense to set up your own 1e pension fund or are there more suitable options available on the market?

3. Compatibility check: Which offer best matches the needs identified?

4. Impact analysis: What are the financial, administrative and other potential implications of implementing a 1e plan and what impact do they have on the existing pension provision?

5. Design: How should the pension plan be structured or rather is it necessary to modify the offers?

6. Communication: How should the new pension plan provisions be communicated?

7. Implementation: How should the 1e plan be implemented within your company?

8. Ongoing administration: What aspects should be considered when administering the plan and continuously documenting the consulting?


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