Pay Equity in Switzerland

  • Date: : 23 Juni 2020

A public digital conversation on equal pay


Gender equity, and pay equity in particular, is a topic of continuous importance. In Switzerland, a new legislation requires employers with 100 or more employees to carry out a gender equal pay analysis between July 2020 and June 2021. We see that a lot of organizations take this legislation as an opportunity to look into their pay structure and learn more on pay equity.


How much of a hot topic is pay equity in your organization? What kind of actions has your organization taken to close a gender pay gap? How well do you feel prepared for the pay equity analysis as part of the legislation coming up from July 2020?

In collaboration with Remesh, Mercer will try to find the answers to such questions by opening up the conversation in a free digital focus group on Tuesday, June 23rd at 1pm CET.

Please join us to share your observations, experiences, and perspectives about how your organization is approaching equal pay. In return, we will share a live report with you containing the results and insights collected during this conversation.


Once registered, we will send you a calendar invite with further instructions.

To create a meaningful discussion and generate market insights, participants should have a touchpoint on equal pay and related topics in their organization.

The session is planned to last about 30 minutes. You can participate via desktop, smartphone or tablet, from anywhere you are (as long as you are connected to the Internet).

You will NOT need to speak, as the session is conducted via chat, so it will be suitable for parents working from home with children in the background.

Please note that the results of this online focus group are completely anonymous. In the Remesh platform, your responses are not traceable to your identity or email address.

The results and insights collected during this public conversation will be published in a live report by Mercer.


Date, time and location:

23 June 2020


Please note that our events are aimed at prospects and clients of Mercer Switzerland. We therefore reserve the right to exclude competitors from participation