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Inspire Performance Through Intentional Performance Management Approaches

The world of performance management is changing fast. As the area evolves, what remains crucial to organizations is to create a performance management strategy that encourages the right behaviors, delivers on investment and develops processes that result in desired business outcomes. Mercer helps our clients create a performance management culture of inspired employees.

This year marked change in performance management: half of organizations Mercer surveyed say they plan to make changes to their approach. The wide press coverage of new approaches to performance management, including eliminating ratings, increasing check-in discussions and crowd sourced feedback, has left many companies wondering, “Should we be making changes to our performance management?”  Others that have already made changes are asking, “Are we seeing the return on investment we expected?” 

The challenge for organizations attempting to change performance management is not just to take any of these isolated design changes, but to tackle the bigger question: What is the point of performance management?

At Mercer, we believe that performance management should  significantly drive performance at your organization – which often means challenging the status quo and the usual rhetoric surrounding it.

How Mercer Can Help

  • Assess current and desired future states using our "say-do" approach to unearth what people say compared to what they do, through policy, practice and HRIS analytics.
  • Share research on best and prevalent practices, applying experience and examples.
  • Conduct quick start design sessions or cross-functional design sessions to develop “best fit” approaches for your company.
  • Assist in change management and implementation, from guidebooks to change management workshops to in-person or e-learning sessions focused on skill building for managers.  
  • Develop integrated approaches to performance management that drive employee engagement, linked to career development, compensation and succession planning.

The Mercer Advantage

Mercer partners with our clients to combine our research and experience with your organization’s unique culture and aspirations. We leverage our proven, proprietary Performance Management Strategic Framework to guide our discovery, design and implementation work, all driven by data.  Above all, our clients value Mercer’s sustainable emphasis, which focuses on using the time and resources invested to create lasting success.

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